EPS Cycle: focus on the circular economy

January 30, 2023

The members of the European EPS-associations are aware of their ecological responsibility and recycle EPS in many ways. Under the trademark “EPS Cycle”, which is protected by the national association, it is made clear: EPS insulating materials are 100% recyclable. EPS Cycle is originally from Germany but now also other national organisations are allowed to use this trademark. Denmark and the Netherlands are the first adopters.

EPS Cycle stands for various recycling methods for EPS insulating materials that are already organized and practiced today. For the EPS manufacturers production residues are not waste, but a valuable asset. Producers and recyclers identify the most efficient way of recycling EPS. Clean EPS sections can be returned for reuse or recycling.


Learn where to recycle EPS by locating the take back and recycle facilities in the map feature or by browsing through our lists on this page. We hope that this resource will help make it convenient for you to recycle your EPS and contribute to a more sustainable future.


Recycling, upcycling, downcycling, circular economy, reuse, recycling, etc. There are many terms, so what does it really mean that EPS is 100% recyclable. We take a closer look at that here.


For a National Association to join EPS Cycle it is required to meet minimum requirements for the take-back system. In some countries the take-back system may have additional requirements.